Various - dj hits vol. 78

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1-20282 Kershner, Tod WARFARE IN THE AGE OF REASON:V2 Campaigns/Battles More scenarios, battles and campaigns. 1 vol, 84 pgs 2005 US, EMPEROR'S HEADQUARTER
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Add to Cart 1-209590 Kershner, Tod BY THE SWORD DECIDED: From Hastings to Bosworth -- Playable Miniature Rules for the Medieval Era 1000 AD to 1500 AD Medieval warfare miniature rules cover from 1000 CE to 1500 CE. Features interactive sequence of play allowing both sides to shoot during movement. Any common basing system can be used, so no rebasing necessary. Army organization guidelines included for Western European and Saracen armies, with online support at Tod Kershner Games' Facebook page.

Includes scenarios for Battle of Hastings (1066), Battle of Formigny 1450, and Battle of Morat 1476. Wirebound so rules lay flat on the table. Two quick reference charts.

From the team that brought you Warfare in the Age of Reason, Warfare in the Age of Discovery, Warfare in the Age of Napoleon, Warfare at Sea in the Age of Reason, Firebell in the Night, Iriquois Terror, and Samurai Knight Fever. 1 vol, 50 pgs 2015 HOPEWELL, OMM PUBLISHING
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Add to Cart 1-100021 Kershner, Tod and Wood, Dale WARFARE IN THE AGE OF NAPOLEON:Battle Scenarios #1 This first supplement includes 11 scenarios with corresponding army lists for each. Fleuros 1794, Haslach 1805, Saalfeld 1806, Hoff 1807, Raab 1809, Busaco 1810, Albura 1811 and Borodino 1812. 1 vol, 60 pgs 2003 HOPEWELL, OMM PUBLISHING
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Various - DJ Hits Vol. 78Various - DJ Hits Vol. 78Various - DJ Hits Vol. 78Various - DJ Hits Vol. 78